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The 5 Most Unique Experiences in Bali

Updated: Feb 8, 2023

Whether your goal is to experience Bali by detoxing with a beer on the beach or adventure through waterfalls and the jungle, there are so many things to do in Bali that will satisfy your appetite. Filled with rich cultural experiences, history, and unbeatable views, you will most certainly find your bliss in Bali. There are so many experiences in Bali unique to the island it is no wonder that this small piece of paradise draws in millions of tourists every year.

Experiences in Bali

There are unlimited experiences in Bali to keep you occupied, but at the same time, these many opportunities can be overwhelming. While you and millions of others have this vision of paradise, planning a unique trip fitting your needs can be mind-boggling. On top of that, the constant stream of people flooding the island's most Instagrammable locations can be astounding. However, for every overrated, over-crowded, over-advertised spot there is an equally amazing, well-kept secret that the island has to offer.

Step away from the basics and come on a journey with us to experience the Balinese culture and off-the-beaten path adventures.

When someone asks about our favorite travel locations Bali is always top on the list. Our work as well as our love for travel, has brought us to every corner of the earth, however, Bali is a unique island that we always return to. Having spent so much time on the island we have unique access to VIP bookings, special supplier rates, and insights beyond that of the common traveler. Our team can offer in-depth knowledge of this trendy location to better serve you. We visit these places to get to know them first-hand and build a specific itinerary for our clientele by offering access to our vast sphere of influence.

So, beyond exploring the rice fields in Ubud and shopping at the local markets, here are the five most unique experiences that we love.

Massage at Mandapa

Bali is known for its luxurious spas and treatments. There are so many wellness centers on the island with various Eastern and Western approaches to care it can be difficult to choose which offers the best. Mandapa, a Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Ubud, offers a holistic experience seeking to purify the mind and body. There is nothing more sophisticated and luxurious than a massage at their spa.

Dinner at The Cave

More than just a dinner, this 7-course tasting menu has been prepared by a world-famous modern-gastronomy export Ryan Clift. The 22 seats are situated in a natural subterranean cave in Uluwatu that was only discovered in 2013. To enter the restaurant one must climb down the stairs during a projector show that transforms the cave into an otherworldly space.

Culinary Journey at Banyan Tree

Bali is known for its fresh ingredients and flavourful spice. Taking a tour of the nearby village farm followed by a cooking class is a unique way to engage in the vibrant local culture as well as learn about native plants and fruits.

Swimming with the manta rays

An unforgettable adventure that cannot be had anywhere else! These massive swimming fish are 3 meters wide, completely harmless, and love to interact with humans. Swimming or scuba diving with these rare beings is an experience of a lifetime and can be done any time of the year in Nusa Penida.

Sunrise with the Dolphins

Of all the experiences in Bali, visiting the dolphins at sunrise was one of the most unique adventures. We started our morning by stepping into a traditional canoe with a local guide who shared with us his love of the sea and marine life while we toured around the coast and enjoyed watching the dolphins playing alongside our boat. None of our experiences in Bali was more unique than that.

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