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A Weekend in Tel Aviv

Israel’s coastal metropolis is the perfect location for round-the-clock fun. With an abundance of head-turning art, amazing food, pulsating clubs, and unique history, here is your weekend guide on how to take in the best that this vibrant city has to offer.

cyclist biking down the boardwalk in Tel Aviv next to a bright yellow building

As Israel’s center of culture and entertainment, Tel Aviv receives 2.5 million visitors annually.

In Tel Aviv, the typical weekend begins on a Thursday night. Start the evening in a restaurant that fully encapsulates Tel Aviv. Port Said is the perfect meeting point for Tel Aviv's most eclectic environment of people and food. With the tables spilling out into the street of The Great Synagogue, it is a great spot to start the night. The menu, created by Israeli celebrity chef Eyal Shani, is ever-changing and focused on bringing out the flavors of Israeli-grown products. From here you are steps away from the lively Rothschild Boulevard. In the daytime a busy, business-central street, however, at night the ground-floor bars open up to the roads.

colourful spices on display in burlap bags in a food market

Friday morning is the most vibrant time in Tel Aviv. Start off the day in the best Tel Avivi way, with brunch. Some of the best brunch spots include The Norman Hotel, Yom Tov, Beit Kandinof, Bucks Cafe, or our favorite OCD. More than just food, OCD is a culinary experience that lives up to its 5-star Tripadvisor rating. From there you are a short walk away from the Jaffa Shuk and the Old City. Enjoy the rest of the afternoon walking through the historic streets filled with art shops.

After freshening up at your hotel you can head over to HaSalon for the 9 pm seating. This restaurant is a hidden gem just waiting for you to find it. As each wonderful dish makes its way to the table the DJ starts to turn the music up. By the time dessert is served, this high-end eatery changes its tune with patrons dancing on the chairs, and to end the night the chefs light the bar on fire!

Saturday morning we recommend taking it slow. Either breakfast at your hotel or one of the spots you missed out on Friday. After that take a stroll along the Tayelet (Tel Aviv boardwalk), then turn into the city towards Dizengoff. Even on a Saturday Dizengoff is alive, with music on the streets and people lined up to sit in cafes. We suggest you take a seat at Cafe Nahat where you can take a look at the wonderful Bauhaus architecture all around you. Dubbed The White City for its unique architectural style, Tel Aviv boasts over 4000 buildings in Bauhaus style, more than any other city in the world.

a historical building painted pink, now a hotel in Tel Aviv

End your evening with a dinner in Mashya for divine food, Herzl 16 for the fun Tel Avivi atmosphere and music, or Whiskey Bar in a historic Templar tunnel. No matter your choice, as the foodie capital of Israel, this city offers everything to please. From the greatest brunch spots to epic street eats and wonderful gourmet restaurants for even the most refined palettes. So any choice you make is sure to be a good one.

Finally, where do you lay your head in a city that never sleeps? Our favorite for the sea view, wonderful service, and great location is The Setai Hotel. Others we’ve enjoyed include the new Kempinski Hotel by the beach, The Jaffa in the Old City, The Norman, and Hotel Montefiore.

the beach in Tel Aviv

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